Who we are!

Since its humble beginnings at church functions, our BBQ ministry has become a roaring success in South Orange County California. We believe that “preparing and sharing a meal together is a productive way to build relationships”, the BBQ ministry gives us opportunities to connect with our community.

The purpose of BBQ House Ministries is promoting and advancing the kingdom of God. This not for profit business invests everything into serving God and His purpose on the earth today.

Our goal is to connect first with the human body creating a venue to feed the complete person we are in body, soul and spirit. We primarily do this through special events, fundraisers and occasional catering jobs. All profits from our fundraisers go toward the cause being served.

The founder and steward of BBQ House Ministries is Tom Sheltraw. BBQ is a talent and gift God has given Tom and he uses his talents with a joyful heart.